2016 as “Thirteen Five-Year Plan,” the first year, the government work report in early provinces, the wisdom of the city to become “high-frequency words,” while many of the proposals and recommendations of the committee, the wisdom of the city the same concern. Urban lighting as an important part of the wisdom of the city, driven by the government, will usher in a new round of development opportunities. According to the survey data show that China’s outdoor lighting industry are more than 40 percent per year growth rate in 2016 is expected to reach $ 4.7 billion, the current domestic LED outdoor lighting applications are growing rapidly in popularity.

Under the new situation, to build smart city, to promote green lighting, urban sustainable development, has become the target of government work and responsibilities, LED outdoor lighting industry will get more space for development, especially in the field of road lighting and landscape lighting. Currently LED outdoor lighting after years of exploration development, in the application process of technological innovation breakthroughs, the level of progress, has completed the accumulation of quality, the price decline, the market continued to grow steadily. And calls upon sound intelligent outdoor lighting and attention are increasingly high, the Internet and cross-border integration of LED outdoor lighting, use of the Internet tools to achieve the transformation and upgrading, personalized, interactive, and information technology.

Intelligent outdoor lighting into an inevitable trend

Bright lighting is not only to meet the requirements of people visually, but also to meet the artistic requirements, adjust the lighting to change the feel of a space. In LED outdoor lighting, intelligent management system is rapidly growing, developing intelligent lighting control technology enables outdoor lighting through interactive “light – – Environmental Man” reached between the energy-saving targets, LED outdoor lighting is no longer a milli unaffiliated individual, but networked, multimedia lighting. Many professionals have many years of outdoor landscape lighting design and construction experience made it clear that intelligent outdoor lighting is the trend, and hope that intelligent lighting control not just switch to achieve or scene, but comprehensive definition of intelligent lighting, truly reflect its usefulness.

Hangzhou Ming Hua Puyong domestic Application Design Center Director Peng Haiping said: “With digital control, LED lights can be single lamp remote control, combined with traffic, crowds, the weather situation to be adjusted and more importantly, with intelligent control system. after the LED lights can be in the original LED energy-saving technology further 10-20%. in addition, the intelligent lighting street lighting can also be cross-cutting development, the day of the idle resources better utilized. for example, the establishment of pseudo base stations added networking and other ways. “

It is understood that the intelligent outdoor lighting can save more resources, is able to create three-dimensional, layered and so cozy atmosphere environment conducive to people’s physical and mental health. Outdoor lighting intelligent core technology, on the one hand is achieved through the intelligent control system; the other is the quality and technological innovation of the light source, ensuring the quality of the light source and the volume unchanged, perform implementation-dependent intelligence capabilities.

In recent years, many international brands have begun to layout lighting sensing, communications, multimedia, and other intelligent control. According to the survey, 70% -80% of the designers in the outdoor lighting application process, the application of intelligent lighting technology awareness, still do not have much practical experience. Industry talk about smart cities, intelligent outdoor lighting a long time, but the real practical and reliable outdoor lighting products and intelligent control systems, and people for the practical application of intelligent outdoor lighting still have a long way to go.

Outdoor lighting need to greatly enhance the user experience

Due to the huge market potential of LED lighting, domestic and foreign manufacturers have been competing to enter the size, homogeneous product after another, leading to uneven product quality, performance, instability, become LED industry structure point of confusion. Taking into account the difficulty of maintenance and construction of outdoor products, labor costs and relatively harsh conditions of use, professional outdoor LED lamps must pay more attention to product quality and reliability.

According to Xu Chun Tianbao Group Holdings Ltd general manager, he said, reliability and price is an important factor in the general lighting LED lighting rapid spread of the current LED lamp is not lit, lights flash, part of the lamp beads does not shine, the light fades, which are not serious stable performance is directly related to the chip, cooling and power. LED lighting quality is directly related to users of the LED lighting products experience and confidence for the future of LED products, large-scale application and promotion also has a great relationship.

LED lighting industry experts agree: advanced light source technology, plus high-quality design, and light distribution to be reasonable, in order to create a truly professional and reliable LED outdoor products.

Zab Philips Lighting, senior product manager, has said the late outdoor lighting engineering and maintenance costs directly affect the profit margins of the lighting project, users will be more consideration of power quality, performance, reliability, integrated enterprise services and other factors. With the development of industry in the past two years, the outdoor lighting applications it is clear the new technical parameters and standards, since last year, all of the LED is included in 3C mandatory standards, which is the development of LED outdoor lighting play an good regulatory role.

Recently the American Medical Association (American Medical Association, AMA) issued an official statement warning if the LED lights if too Baitai Liang, will release a large number of blue light, people exposed to them, not only because of the glare while driving may increase the chances of an accident, the sleep cycle is fear Affected. AMA recommends that outdoor lighting at night, especially lights, color temperature should be less than 3000K (Kelvin, color temperature measurement units).

In recent years, a large number of rapidly emerging lighting lighting project is an important market at present LED business competition. Large projects can stimulate the rapid development of LED industry, coupled with the national policy support, local LED pilot project bidding fiery carried out, while the LED also delivered in municipal lighting, landscape engineering, street reconstruction and stadium lighting project and other projects in the excellent show of its life long high brightness, energy saving and other advantages. He predicted that by 2017, China Outdoor LED lighting output value is expected to exceed 1,000 billion yuan.