When Nianguang Asia 2016 exhibition in tepid lowering the curtain, Philips Lighting at a 45 degree angle at the sky: “Although no longer Guangya Exhibition brother, but there is always a brother Guangya Exhibition legend.”

This year Philips Lighting fate seems ups and downs, first divided the Philips Group, the recent dissolution of a subsidiary in Shenzhen, and two consecutive years of absence Guangya Exhibition. On the other hand, the leading Chinese LED enterprises have fund-raising expansion, flourishing, especially the Shanghai Securities News (China Securities Network) and other capital market believes, Sen “has become the world’s largest LED production enterprises”, the original there is no “one . “

A considerable part of the industry feel that Philips Lighting is too angry, to quit the Chinese lighting market; soap powder losing ground, some of the wood flour are shouting “future Chinese lighting market, mulinsen the final say.” Is this right? About Linsen, can discuss in another paper, we only discuss Philips Lighting (hereinafter referred to as “flying photos”).

A global

Philips does not mean stripping fly fly photo photo Dying. Since taking over van Houten, Philips, Philips announced that it will focus on the healthcare industry. Ironically, the Philips Lighting started in, but insisted on stripping lighting business, while its healthcare business and is based on its lighting business. Although Philips plans to fly the next few years according to all the short-selling of shares, however, half the share of the global lighting market revenue will continue to fly according to the presence or change the form of the name might just exist.

Flying has never been lower, as according to the global lighting leader figure. According to this year’s Frankfurt show in fly vigorously promoting its “Light Beyond Illumination” concept, showing a variety of lighting scenarios, but did not much surprise to the industry.

Fly according to participate in the Frankfurt show just to brush the sense of presence. According to Fei care Guangya Exhibition absent, however, as has the world’s highest market share of the world’s first lighting brand, we can not leave the fly according to the Frankfurt Fair, the world’s top lighting platform.

Never relaxed on the fly according to Chinese lighting market, but did not withdraw from the Chinese lighting market. According currently flying in China accounted for more than 30% of the profits. HONG ceremony fly according to CEO has emphasized, China is the world’s second largest market, according to fly, to fly according to the Chinese market is very important, and has been the case in the future.

But, after years of hard work, and now the Chinese lighting market share initially, according to fly in Chinese lighting market space encountered a bottleneck, flying according to the technical level also met the ceiling, coupled with the rise of Chinese LED enterprises at all levels of government support these factors make the fly had to adjust according to the policy in the Chinese market.

When the new Chinese market is not much space to expand, it is better to fly according to use more energy to India and Southeast Asian countries to seize the lighting market gap.

Fly according to the Government of India to take the lead in the LED lighting standard case, according to the current fly in India LED lighting market share up to 40%. According to Fei also responded to the Government of Thailand to promote the ESCO energy management and energy-efficient urban vision of wisdom, and actively participate in this year Thailand Lighting Fair, also launched an integrated marketing campaign% off LED bulbs.

Cultivation of other countries lighting market, a mature regional system, according to a new pattern of flying. Sophisticated regionalization system, helps to fly according to a certain extent reduce the over-reliance on China’s lighting market, improve the safety factor of the global strategy in the region of production and allocation of resources among the lighting market, the formation of “checks and balances” state, to strong marketing strategies to implement large-scale, and thus contain China LED companies.

Two kinds of means

Fly according to influence Chinese lighting market, the first means of course is the price, said the system would strengthen the regional implementation of the price to fly according to the means of effect. According to Fei has held 14 months without major new conference level in China.

Most recently in April 2015, according to published fly “Ming Shang family” new in Hangzhou, the price may represent Philips lamp, lamp mulinsen price lower than the future according to the Buddha, the price war became the fuse. In October 2016 came the fly according to LED bulbs will be reduced to $ 0.80, get jittery.

Recent news that, according to fly negotiate prices and supply chain, according to the intention of flying the price and then decreased by 20%, supplier wants prices, after bargaining, according to the agreed price declines fly control in less than 10%. This message is not fly according to official confirm or deny.

However, based on the fly according to the observation, most analysts believe that this year’s lighting market price, if not picked up will be stabilized. Even the enthusiastic atmosphere of panic some Taiwanese media have said that the third quarter lighting market warmed signs become more apparent.

The industry’s attention on the fly according to the price action, supporting the fly according to the price of the means of mass destruction, other LED companies such destruction is not the world can do. India’s demand surge current LED bulbs, however, was the rapid collapse in prices, the market price is the biggest killer also fly photos. With the establishment of regional systems mature, flying in various countries according to the lighting market will be the implementation of the price means more ease.

Fly according to influence Chinese lighting market, the second means is the foundry, which is to fly according to a secret ulterior motives, is the reason he can not lose. According to constantly fly down prices, intensified competition between China LED foundries, foundry OEM orders have racked their brains to grab and adjust production strategies.

Profit foundries continually tends meager earnings and fly according to the affected relatively little. Many senior industry insiders believe that even if the LED bulb down to $ 0.8, according to Fei also derive a decent profit.

More secret is, by the Chinese LED foundries, according to the price of flying above means substantially evolved China LED foundries between China LED brands and fighting, and flying was illuminated from enjoying the revenue, and also China LED foundries in grappling with their lives for the fly according to the international market.

It is said that, according to the current fly in India, Thailand and Southeast Asia and other countries dumping LED products, mainly from China foundries, followed by Vietnam foundries. Thus, the fly according to remain in control of the Chinese lighting market.

3 content

The low-end production to China LED foundries, according to the fly make effort to complete its transformation. According to the above-mentioned fly their technological level is also experiencing a ceiling, especially after the release from Philips, in order to achieve lasting profitability, greater pressure to fly according to the transition. In previous incandescent, energy saving lamps age, according to Fly has a strong technical accumulation, now we have to adapt to every innovation advantages of LED industry.

It was observed that the first item is to fly according to the transformation technology transition, including intelligent network lighting, automotive lighting, plant lighting. “Smart + Connected Lighting” is to fly according to the official statement, the industry is another way of saying “Things lighting.”

Fly according to the smart lighting network under the weight of this, extensive cooperation with Cisco and other networking technology companies seeking intelligent, integrated, information-based lighting solutions. In the automotive lighting, according to Fei want to highlight the new era of automobile culture and life. In plant lighting, offered to fly according to the “light recipe” care of the plants grow.

Fly according to the second element is the transformation of service transformation, rent bulbs, selling services. Release according to fly commercial building services program “pay-per-lux (you pay only for light use).” Users do not buy the lamp, but by way of rent, according to the amount of lighting used to pay for, which is what you use to pay.

Analysts believe that such a large number of sales from new low-cost strategy, turn continue to provide better service. Consumers can enjoy low-cost products and services conducive to fly according to obtain a significant market share.

The third element is to fly according to the transformation of the transition channels, open up new markets for electricity supplier. Fly according to attach great importance to the electricity supplier, in September last year HONG ceremony fly according to CEO personally visited the headquarters of Shanghai Bao respect electricity provider, showing the development of China’s e-commerce world attention, respect and treasure the electricity supplier is China’s leading e-commerce service providers, hope and Bao respect electricity supplier channels to carry out more cooperation, more intelligent lighting products to consumers. But I have not found in the fly according to the electricity supplier channels have unique strategies and significant achievement in this regard is yet to be seen.

The above three elements, technology development, service optimization, marketing channels, according to fly in the technology industry chain, “smiling curve” in the upper end (as shown), while China LED foundry basically in the “smile curve” in the bottom. Fly according to earn profits is the first level, while China LED foundries only fly between feeding according to the teeth, earn petty.

Technology industry chain, “smiling curve”

4 Conclusion

Relatively high-profile Chinese LED companies staking their claims, the coming period is expected to fly according to the low-key hidden in the Chinese lighting market “behind the scenes.” However, if you ignore the Chinese LED enterprises in China to fly according to the presence of the lighting market, may result in making mistakes. When the day that the fly according to its own technological breakthrough has been made over the new market space and profit growth has been formed, according to fly from the Chinese lighting market, “behind the scenes” return “to the stage.”

In the context of China’s lighting market share initially, according to fly in China’s neighboring countries began to cultivate a mature regional markets lighting systems, production and deployment of resources, forging national lighting market “checks and balances” state, in order to contain China LED companies.

While flying according to positive transformation, a view according to chief innovation officer to fly Olivia Qiu, represented by advocate next five years to accelerate the development of Chinese regions to counter Chinese rivals. Even plans to fly according to the annual release of more than 1,000 new lighting in China.

China LED foundry contributed to international and regional system according to the price of flying means, in which to play the awkward role in a dilemma. Perhaps the Chinese foundries have backbone to bid farewell to “OEM”, but in the current LED industry situation “backbone” can not eat, fly according to OEM orders not good grab with OEM orders have work to do, foundry Order Vital become foundries.

China LED intelligent lighting business will be easier if coated die, but smart, connected lighting R & D progress to fly according to the concern. Since the fly according to the Internet at all to the development of intelligent lighting, lighting seems intelligent Internet has huge market potential.

In theory, smart lighting in line with the development trend of science and technology and human wisdom of the city, good prospects. However, the Chinese LED enterprises generally lack of technical precipitation, unless there is a very profound and unique technology insights, otherwise carefully smart lighting as a business direction.

Some Chinese research team said that in intelligent lighting achieved initial results, such as Zhejiang born Di, Shenzhen KPS, Xiao Ming Ming technology and build grassroots commune with color. However, Kingsun provides a more painful lesson in the second half of last year rush out for a while intelligent lighting, introduced eye in the sky, Yiu Yiu, Hyun Hyun and other intellectual products, but in May this year said it would sell LED business so that the transition to the field of education .