We used to think time is too slow, very busy day, and now feel the time off fast enough to catch the high-speed rail too. This does not, in 2016 and after a half. This means that they accompany LED spent half a year to witness the LED’s to today’s growing stable, LED seems to have lost vitality.


Looking back at the first half, however, found that mergers and acquisitions, where the wave of price war, LED undergone change is summed up in five blue ocean market, large market Keywords 4, three major competing technologies, two major product status changes and a new technical vocabulary .

5 big blue ocean market

Automotive LED

In recent years, the LED price war profits have fallen sharply, companies are forced to seek high-margin internet. Due to the depot by the national carbon reduction policy, pulled procurement requirements, automotive LED attracted many enterprises to participate, but because of the relatively high threshold, currently involved in the LED business temporarily at a few, but as the technology continues to mature, this number will gradually increase.

According to the latest research TrendForce LEDinside’s Green Energy Division at the show, in 2016 Q2 the global growth of the regional automobile market is facing slowing down, but the lights from traditional bulbs to LED transformation trend continued, more mature markets have a high proportion of imported LED, emerging countries are also gradually follow. Estimated 2016 exterior lighting with LED up to $ 1.57 billion market value, 2016–2020 compound annual growth rate of 6%.


Needless to say, UV LED LED industry in the first half of 2016 can be described as pocketed the face. As a further high-margin market, it attracted many enterprises to increase investment. In addition to Nichia, Seoul Semiconductor, Japan and other foreign enterprises to vigorously installed layout, but also attracted a group of like Jason harmony, crystal energy, such Hongli domestic enterprises have investment.

According to LEDinside research assistant manager Wu Ying Jie said that the estimated 2020 UV LED market value will reach $ 356 million. Wherein, UV LED light curing products are mainly used in the market, the current applications include food packaging, plastic material curing, medical cure and a lot of light curing applications.

However, the market challenge is highly customizable, by working closely with the curing machine manufacturers, from the chip wavelength, the optical module design, UV glue mix with the cooling system, the machine provides equipment manufacturers a complete solution. The UV-CLED applications include sterilization and purification markets, a huge potential market size, product profitability is also very impressive, Japan, the United States and South Korea are being put into development. Currently UV-CLED technology has yet to break through, product efficiency, and market acceptance of life that is still a market test.

Intelligent Lighting

2016 as “Thirteen Five-Year Plan,” the first year, the government work report in early provinces, the wisdom of the city to become “high-frequency words,” while many of the proposals and recommendations of the committee, the wisdom of the city the same concern. Intelligent lighting as a stepping stone to the wisdom of the city, under the new policy to promote, will usher in a new round of development opportunities. LEDinside According to statistics, in 2014 the global smart lighting market size of about $ 1.544 billion, is expected to reach $ 14.353 billion in 2019.

Especially in the first half of 2016, the domestic telecommunications heavyweights Huawei and ZTE have been involved in the layout, so intelligent lighting ushered in new opportunities. As wisdom home, smart city, with excellent access to the Internet of Things port intelligent lighting, with the bigwigs of participation, which contains a huge energy will be released, will not only revolutionize the lighting industry as a whole, but also on lighting-related industries have a significant impact.

Plant lighting

Lighting plants is not a new topic, but it is the new blue ocean. With international companies Sharp, OSRAM continue to promote domestic enterprises to continuously follow-up, lighting plant set off an upsurge in 2016, and received a big thumbs up study.

According to market data show that the global LED lighting application of plant output value from 2013, is beginning to show rapid growth in 2014 amounted to $ 100 million in 2017 is expected to reach $ 500 million.

With full control of artificial light type plant factory gradually mature in the future by combining the advantages of traditional agricultural technology, the semiconductor industry, lighting and automation technology and network information technology, plant factory will become an important application and development direction of the global semiconductor industry.


Since entering 2016, VR, drones and robots by leaps and bounds. If the past or in the near future to promote the growth factor is an infrared LED infrared LED smartphone iris recognition, CCTV surveillance system and red, that the future of VR, robots and unmanned aerial vehicles will be a new growth point.

According to LEDinside the first half of 2016 survey, in addition to automotive, security, monitoring, sensing, and consumer electronics applications outside, VR, robots and UAVs infrared LED penetration is also growing, and along with the surge in demand for the infrared LED.

According to relevant market research data show that, in view of smart phones, cars, and other monitoring system using infrared LED penetration surge in the Asia-Pacific region will become the world’s largest or infrared LED market segment is expected to 2015– During 2020, the global market composite infrared LED the annual growth rate of more than 9%.

4 Market Keywords


List language: three new board listed on infuse the list longer, mergers and acquisitions are no longer confined to the field of LED, but cross-border rail change, so even longer list: Lehman shares and the acquisition of a number of cross-border sports sports business, ground sell on the LED to the development of education, the establishment of large rectangular fund the development of education, Hongli renamed Hong Lizhi exchange crossover network ……

Bright Comment: the first half of 2016 for the LED industry, business between the “vertical and horizontal” mergers and acquisitions is no longer a drama, really brilliant cross-border rail change, giving the strange and freshness. If the past few years, M & A is the main theme of peers, then the first half of 2016 is to track cross-border exchange.

New Blue Ocean

List Language: LED industry experienced a price war baptism, product profitability is difficult to be guaranteed, niche markets become the new blue ocean after the LED Era: Automotive LED, UVLED, IR, intelligent lighting, plant lighting ……

Bright Comment: A few years ago “super” price war profits wash thin LED lighting products, in order not to slow death by a price war, companies have been looking blue ocean market in 2016 can be said that the first year of the new LED blue ocean, no matter a car, UV or IR …..


List language: the advent of LED rear lighting times, it seems to stay in an alternative idea there is no future, after the era of the LED industry, there are more possibilities: LED + VR, LED + robots, LED + design, LED + car networking, LED + education……

Bright Comment: the first half of 2016 for the LED industry, the need is their way. After 2015 reshuffle, 2016 LED enterprises to rational, “price war” between corporate income slow start layout LED behind the “+.” The “+” There is rapid growth of virtual reality layout, there is China’s flagship industrial robots manufactured 2025 and Internet banking, and more.


List Language: 2017 Nichia’s part of the patent expires, Chinese enterprises need to go out to suppress the escalating patent manufacturers: Nichia and Everlight tug of war ended, Wang Qi and CREE reconciliation, Enplas Seoul ……

Bright Comment: If you want to go out, the need to resolve the patent. LED domestic enterprises patent has been flawed, the past two years through acquisitions and its own development gap with international business is gradually shrinking. 2016 is the Chinese enterprises to go out of the year, to upgrade the patent war is inevitable.

Three major competing technologies


A 2018 iPhone, will all use OLED news, so OLED in the first half of this year a fire. OLED is known as next-generation display technology, currently in use on the phone panel market share is increasing. According to industry research data predicts that 2016 Q4 China smart phone market penetration of AMOLED panels will be nearly 30% higher than the penetration rate of around 20% of the global market.

However, the current OLED still short life, large-scale screen defects difficult, but with the continuous improvement into the capital, technology, and in some specific areas substituted LED will become inevitable. Especially when lighting developed to a certain stage, people lighting requirements but is no longer a simple lighting design and light when, OLED lighting can help designers to achieve more possibilities.

Micro LED

For the price war impact energy behind labor imbalances LED industry, 2016 is probably the most anticipated Micro LED; when the OLED display panel, a comprehensive guide on the occasion of the market, Micro LED industry has emerged to become a rising star. Rising Micro LED is considered to be LED, LCD and even currently seeking an opportunity to turn around.

On the current situation, opportunities Micro LED to turn around, it seems more also depends on the apple. Ever since Apple’s acquisition of micro LED screen manufacturer LuxVue beginning, the future seems just like micro LED apple tied together. According to the latest news that Apple next year Apple watch will use micro LED, even news that Apple is testing microLED project.

Once Apple is using micro LED is confirmed, it will bring to market a new round of stimulus, when the LED industry may usher in a new machine.

Laser lighting

Laser light source is a semi-polar GaN-based laser diode, combined with advanced phosphor technology. Since the laser focused on a small spot on the phosphor emits light and convert it into white light source capable of outputting a safe and highly collimated white light, coupled with the use of tiny optical lenses and reflectors, the light in order to achieve more excellent control good lighting effects.

Compared to the blue LED, “light effect down” problem lasers do not exist, in the lighting, laser lighting can achieve very high efficiency. Therefore, Shuji Nakamura is expected in the future will replace the laser illumination LED lighting, and the first half of 2016 is mentioned in future laser illumination lighting in a number of speeches, saying the next 10 years will replace the LED lighting.

2 major product position adjustment

Rising filament lamp status

2016 of LED lamp filament is not the same as a year. It can complete the “big counter-attack” not only attracted Philips, Osram, GE and other international companies in the voices of doubt, there are domestic sun, according to the Buddha, Benjamin, Asia Poole, Hongli, Sen source Lei, LED enterprises have joined and expand production.

According to industry sources, from the second half of 2015 to the first half of this year, the market size of LED lamps was doubled filament growth. Widely popular in foreign markets, mainly in North America, Europe, South America, Asia has become one of the key products in the supply chain LED lighting manufacturers.

Small spacing becomes the master station

The concept of a small pitch LED display made from 2008 to 2014, the scale of the increase tremendously popular, and then it has been slow to move forward, not very eye-catching performance, once people are no longer suspected small spacing limelight.

By the first half of 2016, a small pitch LED display market capacity increase, led display to bring more business opportunities, especially in VR / AR heat. As the most basic hardware facilities, LED screen also usher in an outbreak, and have definition draw quality, seamless small pitch will undoubtedly greatly enhance the user experience of VR products.

Faced with this new blue ocean, the VR / AR with a small pitch LED display depth combined to develop a new model of its new model of application and profitability in the commercial field. Many LED display enterprises have been eager, including listed companies Liard, United Abby and construction and so on.

1 New Noun


FEMC by Ruifeng power in 2016 on the proposed new conference, new vocabulary is the first occurrence of the LED industry. The concept is taken from the “Filp-chip + EMC” bracket, meaning that flip-chip packaged on EMC bracket LED, a flip of the scaffolding.

FEMC appears, along with the concept of scaffolding flip, flip it to make a variety of packages with possibilities, not just csp, femc, perhaps a variety of packaging structures FC + PCT and the like. As Scaffolding Flip it is not revolutionary technology, will pop up, time is the best verification tool.

Shut off sad, shut off too, in recent years, LED industry suffered a variety of problems, but the overall change in the first half of 2016, LED presents seemingly slipped down the road while adding more new possibilities. Whether or from the point of view of market development, LED overall preference for the first half of 2016, the second half is expected to bullish from a technical situation.