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Lighting of Outdoor Football Stadium

ONOR LED Sports Flood Lighting saves up to 80% energy usage compared to traditional stadium lighting and has a lifetime of over 80,000 hours, so the necessity of replacing bulbs that are not very large. In addition, the reduction in heat due to LED stadium lighting at the indoor stadium will reduce the load on the air conditioning system and save more power. ONOR stadium LED lighting product line includes LED stadium lights, LED stadium lights replacement, LED sports field lighting refurbishment, and converts traditional stadium lighting to more energy efficient outdoor arena lighting. For more information on our LED sports stadium lighting and to order the following LED field lighting, please drop us a message to [email protected] We provide free commercial lighting audit such as cost merit and analysis of return on investment, we will tell you about the best outdoor arena light for selling according to customer’s needs.

Football stadium lighting is worthwhile to invest in LED lighting solutions including indoor football field or outdoor. High-tech LED lighting technology has taken over metal halide lamp. This is because LED lighting is proven to be reliable, versatile and energy efficient. The stadium and the sports field benefit from all kinds of sports due to the LED stadium lights and the merits that it brings to its field. Higher quality light obtained from our LED port light fixtures will allow for improved fan experience and improved safety. In addition to the better experience that is offered through our sports light LED, they provide a tremendous energy savings, longer lifetime, many benefits waiting to unlock.

Application of Stadium Lights

ONOR LED sports luminaire application is nearly infinite to any sports application you can think of. They are perfect as sports field lights, sports court lights, stadiums and arenas. As a more specific example, let us talk about how our LED port floodlight can be applied to soccer stadium, soccer field, basketball court, baseball field, tennis court, golf course, nightlife, playground, even hockey link Did. Of course, this is just the application we talked about. There are many more things….

But why do you solve with a minimum amount of light when you can give your fans the best sports experience with the excellent lighting provided by ONOR LED lights? In the outdoor football stadium, LED light which can withstand various weather conditions such as strong wind, rain, freezing temperature is necessary. LED Stadium Lights also need to run over long distances from the actual bulb to the surface of the field. LED football lighting is accurate, consistent and efficient. Avoid light pollution with a slight definition that LED Stadium lights can give to your football field. LED lighting provides a consistent light level throughout the football stadium that guarantees clear visibility of balls, lines and players by daylight color temperature.