Project Label: TB Twixlum Football Club Lighting Retrofit

Basic info:

Size of playing ground: 63.5*96.7m

Qty of old luminaires: 8pcs 2000W metal halide

Height: 14M

Average illuminance required: 100lux

Installation date: Dec. 2017



Product Used: 960W Ultimate LED Floodlight

– Using 8pcs 960W Ultimate LED Flood Light (ONOR-SFL-960W)
– Beam Angle: 60°
– CCT of LED light: 5000K
– With Zigbee 1-10V Wireless Dimming Control System
– Average illuminance: 105lux


This successful case had been widely reported on Newspaper. Many local clubs has already shown interest.

Article in the Ostfriesen newspaper:

TWIXLUM – In the sporty Table ranks TB Twixlum currently in the football district league at the very back. In one other area is likely the bottom line but the Taken over “top position” to have. Because as bright as the floodlight of the Turnerbund probably no lights another in the league. “We are probably the first club in East Frisia, the on LED lamps has changed, “says Frank Onnen.

The eight LED floodlights with each 960 watts now bring in Cut 100 lux to the place.

The electrical engineer and former coach led one Project group with Herbert Schmidchen, Michael Kleen, Johannes Schmidchen, Jan Remmers, Kai Juilfs and Michael Eden on.

The Twixlumer Men should turn around the renewal of the floodlight To take care of. The result is even a conversion the conventional one HQI lamps on state-of-the-art Led Lamps.

“We have now with fewer lamps much more light. The whole Illumination is too much, much better, “says Onnen.

This is also due to a special one Software with which Illuminance and more Set details. The floodlights can now even controlled with an app become. Mounted on Saturday hardworking Twixlum helper everything final. The first Training week with felt Daylight in the evening inspired the footballers. “The is a difference like day and night before. “Well can be there in the coming Season, if the place is officially reported, too again played point games become. The costs of conversion, Acquisition and installation with the help of a so-called Steigers were according to Frank Onnen at about 10 000 euros. “Without own contribution it would probably be twice that. ” Thanks 3000 euros grant money from the city sports federation, many Sponsors and possibly further funding is that Whole as well as paid. “Without credit”, like Onnen stressed. And also the maintenance is attractive for the club. The Maintenance and upkeep costs fall loud Onnen from about 1000 euros to under 400 euros per year. “The Electricity savings compared HQI is at 52 percent, at significantly more light output and better radiation angles. And if that CO2 emissions calculator on the Internet right, we save also 0.93 t CO2 per Year, “explains Onnen already with the Turnerbund the next project in mind Has. From the slag place could someday be a run with hybrid turfs. First offers have the club already caught up.

Article of the Emder Zeitung:

Emden. When TB Twixlum has it after the finished installation the new floodlights now for the first time “light”. Eight LED floodlights bring with 960 watts each now on average 100 lux on the
Space – and control and dimming All this can be done via app. Not without a bit Proudly announced the club the Commissioning his new Floodlighting system in complete Own contribution installed
has been. And at the first test run in the brighter light was the Tenor then also unanimously: “That looks good and the big one Effort really has worth it, “says the Twixlumer. Thanks to this new facility can the sports field now too again for the point game operation be registered. But the new plant has more Benefits. So expected. Association has lowered its maintenance and maintenance costs. That amounted to up to now around 1000 euros and will expected to be under Settle 400 euros per year. And not only that: The Twixlumer researched on the internet and save on the basis of a CO2 emissions calculator 0.93 tons Carbon dioxide a year. Also lie the power savings compared to the previous 16 HQI lamps at 52 percent, and at much more Luminous efficacy and better Beam angles. From the first thought a new floodlight system up it has to be installed little taken. after the old floodlights too dark were and the repairs increased, saw the TB Twixlum forced to act. The first considerations devoted themselves mainly the questions, which Lights should be like that Implementation should run and especially how expensive it is may be at all. The members were agree: this Project should be continued The club member Frank Onnen took up these questions and collected information. All this was presented the annual general meeting the Twixlumer in March 2017. The members agreed: This project should be continued become. And that was it also. A project team consisting from Herbert Schmidchen, Michael Kleen, Johann Schmidchen, Jan Remmers, Kai Juilfs and Michael Eden, cared to the further implementation. The subsidy by the City Sports Federation depended on one Testing the stability of the Masts off, though dragged on for months. But in November 2017 was then green light from all sides for bright light. After graduation All preparations were said with the help of a climber: “Then you go up with the groode Lüchten “. And they are small not with their 100 by 60 centimeters. A riser will be in the future by the way, because of the possible control via app no longer needed.