Location: Germany

Installation Date: Nov. 2018

Product Used: 300W MaxPro LED Sports Floodlight (ONOR-FL-300W)

Beam Angle: 90°

CCT: 5000K

IP67   IK10

Replace 1000W Osram Metal Halide Lamp

Average illuminance: 600lux 

Uniformity: 0.72



indoor sports lighting

We specialize in LED lighting for indoor courts and facilities. Whether it’s basketball, gym, tennis, racquetball, natatorium, volleyball, practice facilities, or convention centers, we will work with you to provide the highest quality lighting from the best manufacturers in the US. Our process starts with an initial assessment of your facility which allows us to determine the existing energy usage and potential areas for improvement. We then provide a detailed design using photometric software. Our team of installation professionals will install the desired system and we offer ongoing maintenance and service for the life of the system. The fixtures we recommend are designed to provide our customers with high quality and efficient lighting over an extremely large range of wattage and outputs. We also provide the highest level of glare control available in LED flood lighting to date.

In the past, relamping traditional sports lighting was extremely costly and frequent; however, with our LEDs, you will not need to worry about relamping ever again. LED lights not only brighten the playing surface, but it also reduces maintenance costs and energy usage. Installing high efficiency LED fixtures also provides a more uniform distribution of light, which makes sporting events safer and more enjoyable.

indoor court lighting

Sports lighting is a unique lighting challenge unlike any other type of lighting. Making the most of the LED fixtures requires knowledge of proper fixture location, mounting heights, beam selection and aiming strategy. Spark Lighting provides engineering support and lighting design to all of our current and future clients. Let our team of experts take your sports lighting project to the next level!

Our services set us apart from the competition. Our in-house design team, account managers, installation professionals, and maintenance team will work with you from start to finish. If you are looking for new installation or to retrofit your sports lighting to LED, call us or contact us!