Lacation: UK

Installation Date: June 2018

Product Used: ONOR-FL-240W

Average Illuminance: 350lux

Uniformity: 0.7

LED Lights For Tennis Courts

Tennis courts and their lighting system needs to be optimized around two main things: energy savings and usability. Without those, you are either going to pay excessive energy bills, have a poor playing experience, or both. With old tennis court light technologies, such as metal halide or HPS, it is common for them to both use excessive energy and provide a poor experience when compared to LED tennis court lights.

We have worked with tennis court owners and venues to optimize the lighting layout to meet their exact tennis court lighting requirements, along with common standards for optimal playing. In addition to LEDs ability to improve a tennis courts usability, they are also the number one energy efficient tennis court lighting option, and nothing even comes close to LEDs ability to reduce energy consumption by up to 75%. This enables the long-term tennis court lighting cost associated with converting to LED tennis court lighting solutions actually pay for itself, producing a positive ROI.

Reduced costs

Reducing tennis court lighting costs becomes practical and sustainable with LED. With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption. Also save more our LED tennis court light fixtures with longer lifespansreduced maintenance costs, and rebates.

Improved experience

Tennis courts are all about experience, and a court with bad experiences will lead to no one coming back. To ensure the best possible experience is available on the court, proper illumination has to be available so the game can be played and viewed with ease. We help your tennis court achieve this by perfecting your tennis court lighting layout & design to match your environment & needs.

Improved fan viewing

If your tennis court is watched over by fans, proper illumination will also lead to better viewing by them as well.  Not only is it important that the players have a good experience – it’s important for fans that are viewing can see everything too. It is now possible for everyone to be happy.

Outdoor LED Tennis Court Lighting

Typically with outdoor tennis court lighting systems, they can consist of either area lights, flood lights, or high mast lights. These types of lights output enough light for large outdoor areas, enabling an entire tennis court to be illuminated properly to meet outdoor tennis court lighting standards. With lighting that outputs so much light, they require a lot of energy to run. With our outdoor LED tennis court lighting options, they enable you to maintain high light output, with less energy consumption.

Not sure which LED lighting products for outdoor tennis courts you need? Contact us and a lighting professional will help determine which solutions may be best for you.